Religion has the tendency to encourage hierarchy and praise. Christians for one look up to priests and the church and they all pray to Jesus. It' true that prayer can help us to connect well with ourselves. It's like some form of meditation that can provide us comfort and guidance. However, the downside to this is not it's not really an act of empowerment. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Higher_consciousness 

God is consciousness, oneness, source of strength, and others. This is what a lot of things are made up of. This doesn't however mean the highest power but it is about who we are. That is why you also have to possess the same traits that Jesus has.

When you say Christ consciousness, it is another term for enlightenment. It's that process of completing the ascension process the way Jesus did in the past. It may be that some people question the biblical version of Jesus, but it's accepted by many that he existed and that he was the best teacher of people. More about Christ consciousness

Based on the teachings of Patanjali, Christ Consciousness which is also known as Samadhi which is the final step of Yoga's five legs. This may only be achieved through the other seven limbs. This also includes meditation as well as complete withdrawal from all the human senses. This is called Pratyahara.

If you have never gone meditating in the past, it would be impossible for you to withdraw from all your senses. The idea here is that when you silence your mind, it means you still exist. Our thoughts are not really who we are but this can't be said of our senses too. The truth is that it's not the senses that define who we are; it is what is found within us that makes us who we are.

The term "Christ centeredness" has become popular recently because celebrities and many public figures claimed they found life's truth through spirituality. There are those people who champion this idea who call themselves Christians. "Christians" however means differently than what we define it in the bible. Read how to reach Christ

There are organizations that define Christ centeredness as the highest form of emotional maturity and intellectual development. This simply means that the path is free for everyone to tread regardless of what religion they practice for as long as they are willing to work as a living vessel that carries love and truth for everyone on the planet and for as long as they strive well to attain this.
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