Christ Consciousness

Defining Christ Consciousness


Religion has the tendency to encourage hierarchy and praise. Christians for one look up to priests and the church and they all pray to Jesus. It' true that prayer can help us to connect well with ourselves. It's like some form of meditation that can provide us comfort and guidance. However, the downside to this is not it's not really an act of empowerment. 

God is consciousness, oneness, source of strength, and others. This is what a lot of things are made up of. This doesn't however mean the highest power but it is about who we are. That is why you also have to possess the same traits that Jesus has.

When you say Christ consciousness, it is another term for enlightenment. It's that process of completing the ascension process the way Jesus did in the past. It may be that some people question the biblical version of Jesus, but it's accepted by many that he existed and that he was the best teacher of people. More about Christ consciousness

Based on the teachings of Patanjali, Christ Consciousness which is also known as Samadhi which is the final step of Yoga's five legs. This may only be achieved through the other seven limbs. This also includes meditation as well as complete withdrawal from all the human senses. This is called Pratyahara.

If you have never gone meditating in the past, it would be impossible for you to withdraw from all your senses. The idea here is that when you silence your mind, it means you still exist. Our thoughts are not really who we are but this can't be said of our senses too. The truth is that it's not the senses that define who we are; it is what is found within us that makes us who we are.

The term "Christ centeredness" has become popular recently because celebrities and many public figures claimed they found life's truth through spirituality. There are those people who champion this idea who call themselves Christians. "Christians" however means differently than what we define it in the bible. Read how to reach Christ

There are organizations that define Christ centeredness as the highest form of emotional maturity and intellectual development. This simply means that the path is free for everyone to tread regardless of what religion they practice for as long as they are willing to work as a living vessel that carries love and truth for everyone on the planet and for as long as they strive well to attain this.


How Online Spiritual Courses can Help You Lead a Happier Life

Living can be very stressful for many people specially these when society has rigid norms for success, attaining economic prosperity takes a lot of effort and most cultures promote an extremely individualistic orientation. Societies are becoming increasingly materialistic which expectedly has made it difficult for people to find contentment and peace. Click here

A lot people seem to have forgotten or do not believe that humans are composed of two components: flesh and spirit. Dwelling too much on earthly things, such as money, power, fame and approval of others,   is bound to lead to a stressful and less than desirable life. You probably wonder why many supposedly successful people find something lacking in their lives. Well, they neglected their spiritual side which provides long lasting peace and contentment.

Churches of any domination are the main nurturers of the spiritual side of man.  But there are many individuals who take up the cudgels too. People like Michael Mirdad through their deep insight, study on psychology and on the earthly and spiritual needs of men are helping individuals strengthen their spiritually, providing them with a stable anchor their journey through life. Man is weak by nature, being made of flesh, but a consciousness of the spiritual can make him strong. More info at link 

Michael Mirdad teaches christ consciousness. Christ is the premier teacher of how man should live life in order to attain peace and contentment on earth. If man is more Christ-like or observe the principles of compassion, selflessness, humility, and service that Christ practiced, there is no doubt that he'll find life more satisfying and meaningful.  Of course, this is difficult but Michael Mirdad has a powerful delivery that makes it easy for people who join his online spiritual to relate to his ideas and use them as their practical guide to dealing with the various issues of everyday life.

Michael Mirdad offers online courses on spiritual healing, relationship with God, love, forgiveness, ving Christ, living a spiritual life and others. He has authored books that help people lead stress-free, happy and meaningful lives by focusing attention what is  more  important  in life,  which is to develop one's God  given gifts and talents and sharing the fruits with others.  
If you find your life troubling or you feel something is lacking in it, you may want to do what others in similar situation did. You can search for enlightenment by enrolling in online spiritual courses.


Discover What Would Happen Once You Have Attained Christ Consciousness

Christ consciousness is something most people like to engage in their work for self-development. One important thing you need to realize is that obtaining Christ consciousness is a strong desire you ought to have if it would have to work for you. It is not possible to say that you can communalize the aspect of Christ consciousness since it is an individual thing. With Christ consciousness, you can now contact the higher being and move on with your current life in the best way possible. However, it is important to realize that some people just desire to get this Christ consciousness but they don't how they would do it. Learn more here

If you are a spiritual leader, you should be at the forefront to ensure you perfect in obtaining Christ consciousness. People who are careful to obtain and maintain Christ consciousness are able to enjoy living a harmonious life together with the rest of the people. Some of the qualities you develop once you have attained Christ consciousness include love, inner peace, kindness, humility, and patience among others. This means you can tolerate other people no matter what they do to you because of the love you have inhabited inside you. At the same time, you would be patient with anyone now that you understand what patience calls for. More here

For those who haven't yet known what Christ consciousness is, it is important to embrace and appreciate it. To some extent, one would have to prepare for this transformation and get ready for the consequences that come with it. One of the things you would have to do is to condition your mind on how to go about it. It is a changing experience you would not wish to miss if you haven't received it. The good thing with the Christ consciousness is that it is something you would have to perfect each day. It would also help you to achieve the spiritual knowledge you would have wished to get.

Once you have obtained the Christ consciousness, you would not strife to forgive those who wrong you. In fact, you would want to see other people as more important than you. This is a higher level of humility you would get from Christ consciousness. Most people can't forgive those who wrong them because of the bitterness they have kept in their hearts. However, being conscious of Christ would change your attitude towards those who wrong you and compel you to walk in forgiveness.
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